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Screen Legends

Welcome to Screen Legends.

This is where you can buy items. From your favourite Hollywood star. Or, from the big screen. Get great gifts, from the early days of Hollywood.

Whether it is: t-shirts, books, prints, dvd and blue ray. Or, anything else. You will find it at: Screen Legends.

These are the Golden greats of Hollywood.

You can't beat the early days of Hollywood and the glamour, which came with it. When Hollywood was full of stars, on and off the film set. With nice people like: Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. Along with other great actors and actresses. There were some brilliant times.

You also had the pure natural beauty of, who else: Marilyn Monroe. She was not only a beautiful person on the outside, but also the inside as well. Marilyn Monroe was just one of many, beautiful, leading ladies of the Golden Era of the movies.

These were certainly great times, for the film industry. Also, exciting times for the stars. And the public who went to watch the movies.

Hollywood was like a beacon of light. Attracting the greatest talent, the world has ever seen. 

Have a good look around the Screen Legends store. I am sure you can find some brilliant gifts.

A recommended film from the Golden Era is: It's a Wonderful Life. Surely a candidate for the best film ever made. With dazzling acting from: Jimmy Stewart and the stunning, Donna Reed. 

If you want to buy some more cool gifts. From the modern age of the movies. Visit the Movie Merchandise page. And, if you just want to watch the latest movie trailers or get the celebrity gossip. Check out the Movie page.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The immortal, Jimmy Stewart.

The beautiful, Grace Kelly.

The brilliant, Cary Grant.

The class act: Bette Davis.

The elegant: Clark Gable.

The lovely: Lauren Bacall.

The debonair, Fred MacMurray.

A leading lady of the movies, Jane Russell.

A golden great, Mickey Rooney.

Dorothy and Toto. Or Judy Garland and the famous dog.

The screen hero: Burt Lancaster.

The enchanting: Donna Reed. To be honest! She is one of my favourite actresses. If you ever watch: It's a Wonderful Life. She plays the role of, Mary.

The late, great: Elvis Presley. Starring in: Jailhouse Rock.

The humanitarian: Elizabeth Taylor.

The awesome actor: Gary Cooper.

With typical film star looks! Norma Jeane Mortenson, or more famously known as: Marilyn Monroe.

The most famous dog, that has ever lived: Lassie.

With mesmerising looks: Audrey Hepburn.

The genius: Alfred Hitchcock.

Elizabeth Taylor in a bathing costume.

One of my favourite actors: Clint Eastwood.

The glamorous: Ginger Rogers.


The gorgeous, Linda Darnell.

Sherlock Holmes. Or the actor: Basil Rathbone.

She had it all. The beautiful: Marilyn Monroe.

The English gentleman, David Niven.