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Retro Gamer

Welcome to Retro Gamer.

This is one of my entertainment pages. 

This page is full of awesome entertainment, for the all family. Relive your youth, or pass your memories onto your children.

I grew up with video games, from the very beginning. And the memories have never left me. They left such an impression on me. 

When Space Invaders was released, as a child. The pure amazement of what I witnessed. You couldn't really describe. My eyes lit up, when I saw the gaming machine. And I could not put my money in the machine fast enough. Magical times and great memories.

These were exciting times as a child. The birth of the gaming industry. So many mouth-watering video games getting released; an endless conveyor belt of enjoyment. 

You couldn't wait to go on holiday, so you could play these wonderful machines, in the amusement arcade.

This is why I wanted to share this page with you. To rekindle your memories.

You can find a great collection of all time classic games, for you to play with.

Go back in time and play some cool games.

Please enjoy the games. And have a great time. 

Thank you for visiting Retro Gamer.